Bye-bye & Hi.

31 Dec

As I’m typing, I realize today is the last day of 2009. For Muslims around the world, the New Year has started about a week before. Time goes by like nobody’s business. When it does that, our life on earth becomes shorter and shorter. It sucks when you feel you haven’t achieve much. But for someone who lives a full life, it’s worth it. All you want is to find the real happiness your own way. I begin to understand that happiness is from inside of you. When your soul feel fulfilled..

Oh well, whatever it is- there’s a lot to be done. It’s almost overwhelming when you think about the things you want to do and hope to achieve before your time is up.. for me, at least. I wish myself good luck for the coming days and I wish the same to you who’s reading my blog.

I’m off to paint. And I have a feeling this coming year, something good is going to happen. God willing, I hope so.  Hi and welcome 2010.

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