An Idea.

03 Jan

I was talking to my artist brother, Ali( who’s an artist in his own right) the other day about IDEA- how to find it. Artists sometimes often find it as a challenge. It could drive you up to the wall and at times lead to artist-block. Seriously, I’ve and perhaps still experiencing that.

In the world with so much issues, subjects, views, fantasies and stuff.. how could an artist be lost when it comes to ideas, you might ask? Phew. I also can’t explain that. For me, a painting is very personal. It is about oneself. Some artists regard it as an extension of him/herself. But others simply paint for decoration purposes- something nice to look at instead of staring into empty spaces. Some paint anything that caught their eyes or pulled their heart-strings. Some paint simply because of..

Perhaps at some stages, an artist with soul-searching mission just need to project an idea about who he/ she is… about something that’s close to his/her heart. In this case, I guess my journey has just begun. As for ideas… well, we’ll see. One way to let it come your way is KEEP PAINTING.

You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea.  ~Pablo Picasso

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