A Quick Sketch..

10 Feb

Sheesh! For some reason, this picture doesn’t want to get upright. But, u get the picture, right? It’s actually a picture of a little girl on a little bicycle and there’s a bunch of rambutan on the ground not far from her. I took the photo of my niece when my family went back to Kijal, Terengganu late in 2008. The setting was in the evening, she was having fun riding the bike she found on the ground, oblivious of the fun we adults were having enjoying the rambutans ripe on the trees and on the ground- free of charge (because the trees belong to my grand uncle, Tok Su Ghani).

I didn’t know what was going to happen with this one. I had some problems figuring out what to do with the background. The photo’s background didn’t look very interesting. This was what I had so far.. maybe I should take a break doing something else for a while before coming up with a solution for this. Perhaps I just want to pick up some guts to fight my fear of making a mess…but then, art doesn’t have to be beautiful to get into one’s heart.

Hmm.. would you like to see the original pic?


As you can see, the lighting was quite plain.

Well, I’ll see what I could do.. just wish me luck.


Ok, I’m updating my post here and it’s dated 4/3/2010, just to insert my final touch up of the painting posted here.


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