Those Steps Left Behind..

16 Feb

Stepping inside.. (a sketch)

This is another small watercolor sketch for another upcoming painting. For me, it is quite meaningful. If you have a kid, I’m sure you’ll cherish those first steps taken by him or her. If you miss the first ones, there’ll be other steps that the kid will take along his or her life.. and you’ll be watching again and again the steps that come to meet you.. or maybe leave you.

It is hard isn’t it? Looking at those steps someone left behind.. be it temporarily or permanently. What to make of a life that’s so fragile like ours? We don’t and cannot own another human being ever. Sooner or later, those we love dearly will leave. It’s either that..or our own life leave for a more permanent home in the afterlife. Should we keep looking at those steps left behind? Yes, if they’ll keep you moving forward for a better and better you inside out. And those little feet, taking those little steps.. may God bless them, always. Who are we to determine their destiny? We just have to learn to let go.

Owh. I don’t really know what I’m rambling about. It’s just that this particular sketch is looking at the little girl’s big step into the wooden old house- almost like climbing. It’s showing her determination to get over an obstacle and at the same time symbolizing the big step we sometimes have to make even when we don’t know where it’ll lead us then. Does this make sense? Well, at least, that’s something that came across my mind for this one.

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate! May the year of the Tiger (that’s my year, actually) brings abundance of happiness, good health, prosperity & good fortune.

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