A Sunday Event

04 Mar

Malaysian Watercolour Society
cordially invite you and friends to
the opening of
MWS 2010 Annual Watercolour Exhibition
to be officiated by
YBhg. Puan Rasanubari Asmaramah Hj Baharom
Adviser to Bank Negara Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery
on Sunday 7th March 2010, 10.30am at NN Gallery
the exhibition runs till 31 Mar 2010

This weekend I’m going to attend the event above. And yes, of course I’m also one of the participating artists with 4 paintings to be displayed.
It’s always fun to meet MWS artists once in a while. Apart from nice refreshments during the opening day by the thoughtful host, NN Gallery, we artists will be commenting about each others’ works, sharing ideas and I always took the chance to get good painting tips from much experienced watercolorists. Owh! But the best part in an exhibition is when your painting is SOLD. For a starving artist like me (sobs!).. it’s a bliss (and so much blessed) to see an orange dot sticker beside a painting you’ve created.
Well, we can only but hope for the best. Deep inside, I love each paintings I did and it’s not easy to let go sometimes… but to get on with this life, to keep on surviving before my last breath on earth, I need money and a bit of faith. It’s a fact of life. Isn’t it? Doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, actors, etc.. all do their works for money too. And for some reasons, usually the latter seemed more deserving of their efforts to be paid. Ouch!
Enrich your artistic experience by visiting the show… if not on the opening day, anytime between the day to 31 March 2010.
Have a very nice weekend! I’m off to Penang tomorrow for the Women Art Exhibition!

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