Morning Rose..

18 Nov

I’ve been drawing so much caricatures lately that I left my watercolor tools collecting dust in my studio. Pity them.

So, one morning I woke up and painted me a Rose..

D' RoseWatercolor on Paper. 12.5 x 17.5cm. Nov 2010.

I’m a bit nervous right now. Someone has commissioned me to paint a scenery with 11 birds. Why 11? Hmm.. I’ll ask the client later. All I kept thinking was.. haven’t done much birds for the life of me. Can I produce a good one without much experience of bird paintings? I guess, this calls for a new challenge..  exploring a new frontier.. discovering yet another path less traveled… and I must not be afraid.

Yup.. I must not be afraid.

After all.. it’s just a blank piece of paper.



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