“The Waiting” Series..

18 Feb

Next month (March).. God willing, I’ll attend Malaysian Watercolor Society’s (MWS) Annual Exhibition at NNGallery, Kuala Lumpur… so, I’ve sent 2 paintings for the exhibition’s judgement last week. Yes, MWS has a panel of Judges to determine which paintings are up to the standard of each group exhibitions. These judges are usually our own established and experienced Watercolor Artists, sometimes another guest Artist (local or abroad), an Art Critique from the Newspapers or Magazines and a representative from the Gallery itself. If you’re lucky, all paintings you’ve submitted will be displayed or maybe one or a few out of many submissions. Otherwise, you’ll go to the exhibition only to see others’ Masterpieces.. huhuu.. but even though yours may not be displayed, it’s fun to meet up with fellow watercolorists once in a while to just talk about the paintings or exchange ideas and such!

In this year’s Annual Exhibition, I want to present something that is close to my heart- My Family who lives in the Village. They’re my maternal side of family.

1st Painting: “The Waiting- By the Window”

This first painting, I had the time to record a few steps of the progress.

The pencil sketch

After saving the whites with masking fluid, I laid the yellow color of the curtain.

Next, I suggested some colors for the girl's face and the sleepy cat.

Yup, I always enjoy painting a human's face..

The darkest color in the painting now took its turn. I wanted to create as if the face suddenly emerged from the darkness..

More details were given to the girl's expression and the cat's too! The challenge was going from the dark background to the light that fall on the face.

Finally, painting the house's naked cement and all the details.. while touching up the deteriorating wooden walls.

2nd Painting: “The Waiting- By the Door”

I didn’t record much of the 2nd painting’s progress because I just realized that the deadline was near..

I colored the figures first before moving on to the house.

Oh yes, that's my grandma and my little cousin..

It was done before I realized it.. Again, my aim was to play a high contrast between the figure and the darkness behind her.

Well, I hope they could be displayed in the Annual show next month! In the meanwhile, I must keep on painting :).


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