To Paint or Not to Paint..

18 Feb

.. that is the Question.

With all my heart- yes, I love to paint. Sometimes, I paint with my eyes closed.

It was clear in my head that I picked up a brush.. touched the colorful palette.. and layers by layers.. real translucent colors appeared on the white surface.. forming my faithful subjects with all the shadows and spaces, indicating the high and low of shadows and what nots. I was satisfied. It looked beautiful. The colors and effects were all in the right places. I smiled as the painting was done as desired. But the painting was only in my head. When I opened my eyes.. stared again at the big blank piece of paper.. I cowered to my blanket of fear. Fear of what if.. this real painting wouldn’t turn out as I’ve imagined..? So, I procrastinated.. feeling that maybe after I did this and that first, the fear would run away from me. Shame on me.. I should have known better :(.

It is well into the middle of February, 2011 by now.. and this is my FIRST post for Yartstik’s ArtBlog this year!  So, this is SO obvious that I’ve been a huge fan of Mr.P (aka Procrastinator).. either that or.. I haven’t been painting much. Well, I’m not even sure if there’s anyone reading or following me here.. but I must remember that this blog’s pure existence was based on the fact that I wanted to record my journey as an artist.. and to share my passion and experience with those who care and interested about Art.

But yeah.. I must admit that I took a bit too long to update this blog because of concentrating more on my DoodleDesign Creations! I’ve been taking more and more orders of caricature and design works to date. Well, I hate letting my lovely customers down. In a way, I feel happy because after about over one year setting up my Art Services, I see more people start to appreciate Caricatures and Hand Made stuffs. At the same time, more and more blogs are created online to offer such services and talents. It’s quite overwhelming.. but healthy progress at the same time. I know there are many ways more to enhance my Art business online.. such as having a shop in etsy.. and other Art selling engines on the net. Oh well, God willing, I’ll get there some day :). I don’t know if slow and steady could still make me a winner. Everything seems to move faster and faster nowadays. It’s quite scary.. but as long as I’m happy with my own pace, I think I’ll be OK.

So, actually… this is NOT the Question of whether To Paint or Not To Paint.. because I’ve been painting all along.. in my head.. in my little Creations.. in my sketch books..

This is about whether I’m happier being an Illustrator.. or a Painter? Both are in the Artist category, right? .. Or being an Artist is a completely different thing? But does it matter at all.. when I’m happy being me?


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One response to “To Paint or Not to Paint..

  1. Reena

    February 18, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Yes!!! There is ALWAYS someone reading….. 😀


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