Mistakes NOT to Make as an Artist

14 Apr

First of all.. please bear with me for I want to copy & paste something that I think very important for me to remember if I were to live a life of a creative being. I got this from Laura Hollick’s SOUL ART Studio. Laura Hollick is an artist, a shaman and more.. Many creative souls are being inspired by her blog because she’s able to put into words what many artists may not be able to.. especially stuff about having creative blocks and where to go with one’s gifts… and the best thing is she always have a set of questions to get us going.

Laura Hollick Dancing with the Wind. Photographed by Johan Wigt.

You may enjoy many great pictures of her too over there.

Anyway, here’s one post she did last year that will serve as a reminder to me and many aspiring artists alike:

“Being an artist is an ongoing evolution. It is a life path with moments of total bliss and moments of complete frustration. When I reflect back on what I’ve learned so far, I can see some things that, now knowing what I know, I wouldn’t consciously do again. Here are the….

10 Biggest Mistakes I’ve made as an Artist

1.Comparing myself with others.

I made this mistake for years!   Comparison is detrimental to the creative spirit, it shrinks power. Being your own authority strengthen true power and unleashes your creative genius.

2. Selling before I was ready to sell.

This was a big mistake! I felt the pressure to make money so I sold art before I had fully ‘been’ with it. Now I honor my own process and let the art go when I’ve had enough time with it.

3. Lowering my prices because I was afraid no one would buy.

Ouch!  This is a painful mistake. This is more about limiting beliefs than anything.  The greatest damage comes when we let our unconscious, limiting beliefs run our lives.  The way I cleared this mistake was by investing in myself and seeking help to clear my limiting beliefs.

4. Keeping it all to myself.

I have two storage rooms full of ART!  Now I can see that this is a mistake to keep it all tucked away, I need to let my art out more.  It is easy to keep our art all to ourselves, but we need to remember we are channels for divine creative spirit, it is our responsibility to share what flows through us.

5. Assuming people wouldn’t get it.

This mistake stunted many connections and blocked many opportunities. I wouldn’t bother talking about my art because I thought it was going to be a hassel because they probably wouldn’t understand anyways. As an artist, part of our job includes educating and enlightening others about our art.

6. Feeling ashamed about the way I spend my time.

As an artist there is a lot of time spent doing absolutely nothing. I used to feel ashamed about this, because I thought I was supposed to be productive.  Now I understand how important “nothing time”  is to the creative process.

7. Skimping

Sometimes I would buy really cheap supplies because I didn’t want to waste money. Then I would be so upset when I created a masterpiece painting on a cheap canvas.  It is a mistake to skimp on your art. Now I make sure I have quality supplies for everything I create.

8. Seeking Validation

Looking for others to tell me if something was good or not, weakened me as an artist.  Only when I decided I was in charge of my own value and worth did my creativity really take off.

9. Thinking locally

My art career started locally which was a blessing. The mistake was staying local for too long.  Now I see the importance of reaching a much wider audience. The internet has made that possible and completely annihilated that mistake.

10. Forgetting the People!

Although art is often a solitary process, it isn’t complete until it has been connected and shared with people.  I made the mistake of thinking my art was just for me, when in truth spirit moves through me to serve a greater purpose.  When I forget the people, I forget my purpose.

Recognizing mistakes liberates us from them.

What mistakes have you made that you can learn from?

Today you can start fresh.  Let your biggest mistake guide you to your power and purpose by claiming the teachings it offers.

What is one mistake you would like to acknowledge and release?”

Thanks Laura.. for generously sharing yourself with others upon taking this creative journey.


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3 responses to “Mistakes NOT to Make as an Artist

  1. Tammie

    May 2, 2011 at 12:49 am

    wonderful words of wisdom! Thank you.

  2. Kristin Dudish

    May 2, 2011 at 9:36 am

    This is a fabulous post…. Love it!!!


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