An Invitation to Malaysia-Singapore Women Art Show

29 Feb

I’ve been postponing to update ( or… it’s more like neglecting) Yartstik for quite some time… but that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my Art ventures altogether. You can always visit DoodleDesign to see what I’ve been up to lately :).

This week, I’m officially about 8 months being pregnant! Can you believe how fast the time passes by? I can no more sit for long hours doing my thing. I even spend less and less time online lately too. However, I feel I’ve so much to do up there- in my head. It’s just that the body can’t really keep pace with my thoughts. Ha!

Most importantly- anyway, I’m happy with my little one’s progress so far… and even happier with March approaching because I will be participating in 2 Group Art Exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur soon.

The first Group Art Exhibition is organized by the Women Artists at the ARTSENI  GALLERY, Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur:-

Invitation Card

For this exhibition, I’ll be showing a painting I’ve done last year but has not been exhibited in Kuala Lumpur yet. Apart from that, I was also responsible for the whole graphic designs for the Exhibition’s catalog/ book and invitation card. Hopefully, this exhibition will go on well and we’re all looking forward to meet our fellow Singaporean Women Artists.

Now, the 2nd Exhibition is the Annual Show by the Malaysia Watercolor Society (MWS). As usual, it will be held at the NN GALLERY in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. I’m still in the midst of preparing my new paintings. So, I’ll update more on that later.

Happy painting!

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