A Special Gift…

25 Dec

Wow. What a long hiatus here…

I sure miss updating my Yartstik but it doesn’t mean I have stopped painting or doing any kind of arts at all. If you take a peek at my other blog, you may find that I’m still alive and kicking… also having my hands full of that little cheeky boy who turns 8 months today (25th Dec. 2012).


Anyway… back to my main intention of writing this post in the wee morning—

I’m happy to share the latest painting which was commissioned by my old friend as a Christmas Gift to her loving mom.


Watercolor on Paper.


She wanted a scenery painting with some fishermen coming home from the sea…¬†something that will remind her mom of Terengganu, the Malaysian State of which she used to live many years ago (now she resides in Johor).

Well, I sure hope her mom will like it.

I seldom paint this kind of scenery. To make the sea-water looked alive was quite a challenge… but I tried my best and perhaps I should practice (and study) the “water elements” more to make it better next time.

This post might be the last one for 2012.

God willing, next year will see more of me… over here.

On that note, I wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY 2013!!!

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