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A Special Gift…

Wow. What a long hiatus here…

I sure miss updating my Yartstik but it doesn’t mean I have stopped painting or doing any kind of arts at all. If you take a peek at my other blog, you may find that I’m still alive and kicking… also having my hands full of that little cheeky boy who turns 8 months today (25th Dec. 2012).


Anyway… back to my main intention of writing this post in the wee morning—

I’m happy to share the latest painting which was commissioned by my old friend as a Christmas Gift to her loving mom.


Watercolor on Paper.


She wanted a scenery painting with some fishermen coming home from the sea… something that will remind her mom of Terengganu, the Malaysian State of which she used to live many years ago (now she resides in Johor).

Well, I sure hope her mom will like it.

I seldom paint this kind of scenery. To make the sea-water looked alive was quite a challenge… but I tried my best and perhaps I should practice (and study) the “water elements” more to make it better next time.

This post might be the last one for 2012.

God willing, next year will see more of me… over here.

On that note, I wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY 2013!!!

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Malaysian Watercolor Society Annual Group Exhibition

This coming weekend, Sunday 18th March 2012, Malaysian Watercolor Society (MWS) will have a soft-launching of its annual group exhibition at the NNGallery (please see more info below).


cordially invites you and friends to
the launch of
a watercolour exhibition by members of the Malaysian Watercolour Society
on Sunday 18th March 2012 at 5pm
exhibition continues till 31st Mar 2012
rsvp 03 4270 6588 (Zul / Kokila)

NN Gallery proudly presents MWS 2012 Annual Exhibition from 17th until 31st March 2012. This exhibition will showcase recent works by 28 members of the Malaysian Watercolour Society (MWS). Members of the MWS have actively participated in local exhibitions as well as many invitational programmes in Asia and in other foreign countries.

The quiet fashion of watercolours is ideal for capturing everyday scenes. A spot painter would find a location and begin a narrative of his surroundings. A favourite amongst the members of this society are rural, floral and fauna, figurative and picturesque scenes. With strong affiliation to our roots and heritage they continue to paint scenes that are reminiscent of early years past, life in the kampungs, the going-ons of local scenes and historical landmarks and buildings.

Participating artists include Tan Sik Yaw, Tan Suz Chiang, Mohammad Faizal Hj Zainal, Yeo Eng Peng, Jansen Chow, Abdul Ghani Ahmad, Lee Eng Beng, Lee Weng Fatt, Alex Leong Yim Kuan, Dr. Wong Seng Tong, Kho Choon Lee, Zaharuddin Sarbini, Jacky Chin, Lee Sing Pan, Md Nor Bidin, Calvin Chua, Liang See Shong, Cheung Pooi Yip, Yong Look Lam, Koh Shim Luen, Chow Chin Chuan, Lee Kee Seng, Khoo Chiang Jin, Khor Seow Hooi, Dato Tengku Alaudin bin Tengku Abdul Majid, Loo Hooi Nam, Nurhayati Mohd Yusoff and King Ban Hui.

With a deep concern to bring back watercolour to its glory days, this much loved and much overlooked medium presented in this exhibition will highlight some interesting facets of Malaysian life and environment.

For further information, please contact :

NN Gallery Sdn Bhd

53A & 56 Jalan Sulaiman 1

Taman Ampang Hilir

68000 Ampang


(T) 603 4270 6588

(F) 603 4270 3357

Gallery Opening Hours :

Mon- Sat 9am – 6pm

Closed Sun (except selected Sunday exhibition launches) and Public Holidays

Admission is free

So… I’ve decided to show 3 of my latest watercolor works and choose the study of figures (in black & white watercolor) for this exhibition. I really enjoyed making these paintings even though it was quite a challenge to handle the values of black and turning them into the human forms. I’ve found that the dry brush technique worked best for the purpose. Contrasting them against the colorful backgrounds made them more interesting to look at (in my opinion). Just like our life… what would it be without colors?

 From Top to Bottom… the TITLES are… ” Thumbilena Nak Sweets”, ” Pak Pandey- ‘Say Whaaat”, and ” Luncail Dengan Belon-belonNya (biarkan..biarkan)”.

All three are 38cm x 56cm in SIZES.

Thanks to my dearest models…. my sweetest niece, Jasmeen… my sexy hubby (hehehe)… and my mad brother, Ali.

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Peace & Harmony…

This Saturday, I’ll be attending the Opening Ceremony of an Art Exhibition by several of Malaysian Women Artists- 32 of them, to be exact. The artists were all invited by June Art Space which is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. And yes, my painting will be among them too :).

As you can see on the invitation card, the Art Exhibition will display only LARGE paintings- no less than 3′ x 4′! Furthermore, it will reflect the theme of “Peace & Harmony” by the Women Artists.

In my previous post, I have given you the sneak peek to the progress of my large painting. Now, let’s see what has become of it…

"A Rose by Any Other Name- Vulnerability", Watercolor & Charcoal on Paper, 3' x 4', 2011.

Here’s a painting that for me, has its own meaning and is very different from many paintings I have done before. It’s a combination of watercolor on large watercolor paper and charcoal.

It is entitled, ” Vulnerability”. Simply, it’s a reflection of women in general… being exposed… and vulnerable to her surrounding/ environment. That, women in general are quite fragile, just like flowers… need Protection. When this is understood, we will be in Peace & Harmony.

Apart from the painting above, I have also submitted another 2 paintings that are in continuation of the theme. One of the paintings will be sent to Sokka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) and the other to a gallery in Penang named Island Gallery.

"A Rose by Any Other Name- Peace I", Watercolor & Charcoal on Paper, 56cm x 76cm, 2011.

"A Rose by Any Other Name- Peace II", Watercolor & Charcoal on Paper, 56cm x 76cm, 2011.



I believe everyone in this world would like to have some kind of peace in his or her life… even a dictator or a murderer.  For me, peace is beautiful. If I could paint something to symbolize peace, it would be a Rose. It may be beautiful but it’s quite fragile… and with thorns. But the best part about Peace is when you have experienced its beauty, it will forever remain in your heart even when it’s gone. And our inner being will always be drawn to it like a child wanting forever to love and be loved.

The Light of Peace.

It can only come from within…

From within is from God.

But if you have not make peace with God…

You won’t have it in you.

The Light of Peace.

The most beautiful light on earth…

When it is the most beautiful,

It must have come from God.

But if you don’t believe in Him…

Will you ever find peace at all?

The Light of Peace.

It can only come from within…

From within will manifest to the outer world.

It comes from Nothing…

To something…

And returns to..


The Light of Peace,

Is Nothing…

Once you’ve found it within.



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The Alfa Man…

Just to update a recent commissioned painting… a portrait of a man with his brand new hot car.

Actually, this is going to be the birthday ‘gift’ to the man from his good friends. How thoughtful, huh?

So… how about if I let you take a peek to the painting’s process?

This painting is sized 20″ x 15″, done with Watercolor on Acid Free watercolor paper.

Well, I’m glad that’s out of my way now. I’m glad I could alter the background mess without much disaster. And to be honest, I love how the car turned out. It looks quite solid and bright. I hope my client will be happy with the result too :).



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The Pink Kite of Hope

I came across an inspiring photo of a girl holding a kite and thought… Yes! This would be perfect for the figure painting which I planned to do with a little experimentation. Like I mentioned in the previous post- I was itching to paint a figure… and after reading a few lessons at Susan Harrison-Tustain’s site, I was even eager to try something new. Her paintings were really awesome and she generously shared some tips about her precious painting techniques in watercolor and oil there.

I’d like to record the steps I’ve taken for this painting. So, here goes..

Firstly, I did the pencil sketch of the little girl with the kite in her hands. The sketch was quite light.. plus the bad lighting.. ugh!

Then, using Susan’s technique of ‘yellow’ paint mapping, I painted the whole paper with the yellow paint. According to Susan, this method could give more ‘glowing’ effect to our painting later on. The part with darker tones, we should give it more yellow concentration at the base.

I also planned to limit my colors… so when my base dried, I laid down a few of ‘major’ colors for the painting. Then I put more colors on her hair, face, t-shirt and batik sarong which she wore like a long skirt. I must say I was quite proud of myself that I didn’t ‘follow’ the photo 100% (yay!). In the original photo, the girl was not wearing batik and the shirt’s color was different too.

Then, more concentration was given to the quiet wall…

At this point, I was a bit apprehensive because I knew I wanted to do something different with the kite. For me, the kite was a ‘symbol’. You know, like freedom or happiness… but how should I stressed my point..? Of course, I could just leave it empty and let my viewer’s figured it out. But let’s just say, I wanted the kite to ‘speak’. So I played around with an idea… what if I tried a bit of ‘collage’ work?

So, I played around with a few newspaper cuttings.

A few themes ran through my mind. Of course there were loads of issues in regard of children. I just needed to pick out one.

So,here what I had so far… I guess, my point was to bring across some positive elements for bringing up a child in this world. At the end, we could only but HOPE. No one knows what the future holds, really.

Hmm… I might have used quite a lot of yellow until the skin became quite ‘orangy‘. But there’s no doubt that the yellow base has helped to give the glowing effect.

This painting, for me is still in progress… because I think the shadow should be darker… and the wall could be improved a bit more with some textures and stuff. The hair.. maybe needed some darkening too.

What  do you think…?

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And They Smile..

It was  a last-minute call.. I only had a little over 24 hours to make it a reality..

But I took the challenge and sacrifice my beauty sleep for almost 2 nights.. putting everything else aside.. even my meals. I survived on instant oat for a fast filling meal.

Well, this is a life of an artist… at times. But I will paint.. for more oat meals.

Because of the stringent time, I couldn’t record my work-in-progress. But it’s OK. Most importantly, I managed to make it on time.

I heard they are all happy about it. The Tuns (Pak Lah & Jeanne- our previous Prime Minister and lovely wife) really appreciated it. The painting was a gift for Pak lah’s birthday.

And so… it was worth a challenge.

The night that I delivered the painting, I slept with a smile…. plus a terrible backache. Thank God my bee was there to give an excellent back massage. Ahh..


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A Ride 2 Remember..

Just feel like putting up one of my old paintings which I did in Year 2004. It was exhibited in the National Art Gallery once and sold to a  Chinese art collector.

This particular painting had triggered a series of Trishaw/ Beca paintings back then. Just look at the happy faces of the kids. It really showed the spirit of “1Malaysia” because you can see all the three main races of school children on the trishaw. But most importantly, it reminded me of one of my cherished childhood memories..  riding beca with my late grandmother whom I loved so much.. to the wet market in Bagan, Penang.

"Come & Join Us..", Watercolor on Paper, 2004. Private Collection.

Well, today is one particular day of the year that reminds me of my childhood years. I was born today.

Happy Birthday, me :).

Check out my other blog by clicking the image below to join my 1st Giveaway Lucky Draw which ends on the 16th October 2010.

Join me!

Have fun!

Have a Nice Weekend too!!


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