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Peace & Harmony…

This Saturday, I’ll be attending the Opening Ceremony of an Art Exhibition by several of Malaysian Women Artists- 32 of them, to be exact. The artists were all invited by June Art Space which is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. And yes, my painting will be among them too :).

As you can see on the invitation card, the Art Exhibition will display only LARGE paintings- no less than 3′ x 4′! Furthermore, it will reflect the theme of “Peace & Harmony” by the Women Artists.

In my previous post, I have given you the sneak peek to the progress of my large painting. Now, let’s see what has become of it…

"A Rose by Any Other Name- Vulnerability", Watercolor & Charcoal on Paper, 3' x 4', 2011.

Here’s a painting that for me, has its own meaning and is very different from many paintings I have done before. It’s a combination of watercolor on large watercolor paper and charcoal.

It is entitled, ” Vulnerability”. Simply, it’s a reflection of women in general… being exposed… and vulnerable to her surrounding/ environment. That, women in general are quite fragile, just like flowers… need Protection. When this is understood, we will be in Peace & Harmony.

Apart from the painting above, I have also submitted another 2 paintings that are in continuation of the theme. One of the paintings will be sent to Sokka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) and the other to a gallery in Penang named Island Gallery.

"A Rose by Any Other Name- Peace I", Watercolor & Charcoal on Paper, 56cm x 76cm, 2011.

"A Rose by Any Other Name- Peace II", Watercolor & Charcoal on Paper, 56cm x 76cm, 2011.



I believe everyone in this world would like to have some kind of peace in his or her life… even a dictator or a murderer.  For me, peace is beautiful. If I could paint something to symbolize peace, it would be a Rose. It may be beautiful but it’s quite fragile… and with thorns. But the best part about Peace is when you have experienced its beauty, it will forever remain in your heart even when it’s gone. And our inner being will always be drawn to it like a child wanting forever to love and be loved.

The Light of Peace.

It can only come from within…

From within is from God.

But if you have not make peace with God…

You won’t have it in you.

The Light of Peace.

The most beautiful light on earth…

When it is the most beautiful,

It must have come from God.

But if you don’t believe in Him…

Will you ever find peace at all?

The Light of Peace.

It can only come from within…

From within will manifest to the outer world.

It comes from Nothing…

To something…

And returns to..


The Light of Peace,

Is Nothing…

Once you’ve found it within.



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A Love Affair..

A year has almost gone by and now, one of the most awaited events in Malaysia is back!

What is it?

It’s the Floria Putrajaya 2011! Wohooo…!

Please Click on the image to know more about it.

There’s more information at the government’s official site. Find out what’s the hype is all about. And if you’re particularly fond of Roses, this is the year you wouldn’t want to miss out! It is estimated that over 100 species of roses from Southeast Asia and 300 species from the rest of the world will be exhibited. About 13 International flora and landscape designers will be participating- New Zealand, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, Japan, Kenya, Indonesia, Macao and Thailand.

Venue: Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya
Date: 9 – 17 July 2011
Time: 9am -10pm (Mon – Thurs) and 9am – midnight (Fri-Sun)
Addmission: FREE
Yup. They have a beautiful theme this year. And I’m excited to again fest my eyes to the choreographed nature, sweat in the hot sun, take some great flower pictures and most importantly,  pay a visit  to the Malaysia Watercolor Society‘s (MWS)  Booth! I have been participating in MWS Art Exhibition at the Floria since 3 years back… and this year, it’s another opportunity I would love to enjoy too . So, I am sending a few pieces of my flower paintings including one most recently painted especially for the Event…
Watercolor on Paper, 13″ x 19″, July 2011.
Actually, at this posting time… it is still a work-in-progress.
And I’m thinking that this painting shall be entitled… ” A Love Affair.”
Well, a mixture of Love and Roses can never go wrong.

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Delightful Reds

Most of the time, I avoid wearing Red. I think the color is very attractive and most of the time, eyes will be drawn to anything with the color Red. As a result, my wardrobe has become a mix of dull, black & white, pastel and earth colors. I’d rather blend in than stuck out like a sore thumb in a crowd. However, in paintings… Red proves to be a delight!

Recently, I paint quite a lot of flowers. Many people find looking at  flowers to be most therapeutic… now, try painting them and you may feel the same too! Not only that, I also note that I feel more confident in mixing colors that I seldom used and in making the abstract backgrounds. In a way, painting flowers has somewhat become my field of experimentation with techniques and colors with this aqua medium.

Hmm… now my hands are itching to paint figure again!

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Sweet Surrender…

“… your light

softly touches my skin

basking me with your tender warmth

wrapping me with your hot love

in a quiet burst of

sweet sweet surrender…”



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Water with Colors..

Yes, watercolor is exactly that!

Don’t you ever wonder why… when you see the seas, the rivers, the lakes.. they look like they have different colors.. but when you dip a brush into any of them.. all you get is just plain colorless water! Well, I used to..

But now I learned that Watercolor paints are pigments held together by a water soluble binder, along with additives and solvents. So.. those pigments have provided us with all the colors. While the nature (ie. sea, river, lake..) as we see have derived their colors from reflected lights and many environmental resources. Amazing, huh? I mean, the early people who got this idea of how to ‘create’ colors from things around them must be very creative!!

Ok.. now, actually I would like to post my finished orchid and show another flower painting I painted last night.

My another flower painting.. I’m not so sure what’s the name of the flower but they certainly looked like some “bells” :). Again, my intention was just to play and play with colors to experiment more with values and contrasts..

Personally, I love the “bell flowers”.. the magical flows of water, the spread of washes, the light that introduces the glow… hmm.. are all working together, making this little painting quite strong.

Already. I guess, I’m on the roll.. :).



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Playing with Colors

I went to BRUSH-PAPER-WATER today and it was reviewing the artworks of one of American Watercolor Masters, John Salminen.

Wow! His works are amazing. I feel I could learn so much by studying his play of colors.. colorful shadows.. and abstract patterns. One of his paintings that really caught my eye was this one:

Nice huh? Look at how he played with the dark and light and yet colorful shadows.. I mean, most people would used black or dark blues to paint dark areas.. but you could actually find beautiful colors in shadows too. Paintings do make ordinary real things- extraordinary.. but not all artists could capture that. As for me, I need to keep playing with colors.. to understand, to improve and to keep pushing my own boundaries.. perhaps someday I’ll find the ‘key’ to a captivating painting such as the Masters’.

Right now I’m working on a new flower painting… yet another orchid. Well, my intention was really to keep ‘loose’ with splashing colors onto the background. It’s not done yet but here’s a few pics of work-in progress:


Saving the flowers with liquid masking..

I’ll update after the final touch-up. Alrite?



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A Flower called Orchid..


"Lonely No More.." Watercolor on Paper. Size A3. 2010.

I painted a flower yesterday

and they call it an Orchid

but it has another name

that I have yet to find it..

All I know is that

an Orchid

is a flower of beauty and grace

it gives pleasure for those who cares

it inspires, refreshes and enlightens

a heart full of despairs..

I painted an orchid yesterday

while I could not touch it

it was touching me

while I was watching it

it was watching me

while I was painting it

it was painting me..

with a different scheme of colors

it seems.



P/S: Credit should be given to my lovely  friend, Liezza Anne whose photo has provided me this beautiful inspiration.


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