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Money Plant in Acrylic

I have decided to paint on a canvas sized 4×4 feet. Quite a big one- at least, for me. Tried to be quite expressive with this painting as I felt angry with people who took plants/ trees for granted. So far, here’s how it looks like:


The Plant that Cried.. But No One Listened.

I don’t know.. is something missing..?


There’s no end to a painting. You just stop when it feels right.

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Money Plant.. money..?

Plants are so important to you and me. I find it hard to understand when people cut the green trees down for a reason such as,”.. Annoying. Too many leaves fall on my car..” Sometimes, the trees are cut down to make ways for development. Arrgh!! It’s an eyesore when suddenly a lush area of greens became red and dusty with only dry grounds filling the air.

Ok. I’m not like an avid environmentalist or a gardener but of course I love the Trees, Plants, Nature and stuff. Now that I live in an apartment, there’s not so much space nor ground for me to plant anything.. but I make sure to have a couple of big pots of greens in the living room. And because I love the simple things in life (or just plain lazyhehe), I’ve made sure that the plants are easy to take care of.

There’s one plant in particular that I simply love and it’s called MONEY PLANT. Can you guess how it gets it’s name? Here’s what I’ve found out- It is called the money plant simply because it has round, plump, flat leaves that might, with a bit of imagination, look like a coin! This plant is usually kept as a dwarf in the house but can be grown in the garden too. But here’s another thing that I’ve found out- The belief is that while it thrives, one would never be short of money. It is also called a friendship plant, as it is easy to propagate. (

Cool, huh? Now I love my money plant even more. Actually, last week I picked a stem with just ONE leaf at my parents’ house and pot it in the apartment. This week, I have FOUR leaves already!!  The fact that I could take care this tiny beautiful creation of God healthily has really made my day :). It really doesn’t take much for me to feel happy. And so, I decided to make a watercolor portrait sketch for it.

So next, I was thinking why not this creature I so love became my muse in bigger painting? Perhaps, it could lead to some abstracts or semi-abstracts kind of artwork.. hmm.. (sketch-sketch-sketch!)

Yeah…I think I’ll work with this idea right now. Will update more later. Could I be planting ‘money’ in this magic pot too, perhaps..?


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