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Mister Jay in Black & White

A quick update on a recent commissioned black & white pencil portrait.

My client’s dad is now almost 70… Well, I thought I saw a film-star when I first saw his much younger photo :).

Happy Drawing, everyone!


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A Blogger’s Block

I am still amazed by others who blog constantly and manage to produce great artworks to share with their readers. Sometimes I ask myself whether my passion in Art is any less than them..? Actually I tried.. I have set target to at least blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But came Monday, I just stared at the screen.. fingers spread across my keyboard.. and my mind went blank. Even now as I’m typing, I’m not sure where this is going. Hmm..

My bee was telling me, to be a good writer; you have to read a lot. And to be a good friend; be a good listener- just let the person talk about him or herself more than you talk about yourself. Man, I feel I have a lot more reading to do in order to improve my writing skill even though no one is grading my performance but I really don’t mind the ‘listening’ part. I guess I’m a bit of a private person. Normally, I hate talking about myself. However, when I’ve decided to create my blog with the purpose to literally record my life as an artist, I’m actually challenging myself to be more open and share things that I may usually keep for myself and those who are close to me. I believe in another way, it helps me improve my writing skill- and I really want to do that!

I have seen many writings that are simply a joy to read and Earnest Hemingway’s “The Old Man & The Sea” was the first literature that hooked me to the world of words.

But another reason was about 17 years ago; I had an English teacher named Mr. Hakikat Singh. He said, “You write in English whatever you want to write. Don’t worry about grammar, whatsoever and just express yourself with words you could understand. If you speak, speak in English. If you dream also; dream in English!,”

A Sketch from Memory

Mr. Haki, as we called him; made us create a book that compiled every week’s assignment of story writing with different theme each weeks. The best thing about it was that those Stories were about our experiences in past, present or future lives. He would not grade our grammatical errors (except if they kept occurring throughout our writings). That way, everyone was encouraged to express him/herself in English freely. Apart from that he asked us to do newspaper cutting on articles that we enjoy reading especially about ‘Life’- maybe about a person, about a writer’s adventures or misadventures.. about one’s culture.. one’s opinion.. stuff like that. He also asked everyone in the class to write a -bombastic-word- a-day, found in the dictionary or any reading materials and write it and its meaning on the white board. That way, all of us could learn a new English word every day.

Over the years, the desire to write always lingers around my heart. But I feel I’m not good enough. Plus, I still don’t have a good story to tell just yet. What I’d love to do most is to illustrate my own writing and produce a series of Children Illustrated Storybook. But what would the Story be? hmmm..

Hundreds of times I went to bookstores and checked out latest children’s storybooks. It’s overwhelming to see almost all the stories you could think of were already out there in the market. Madonna and Brooke Shields have also written their illustrated children storybooks. But with their status as celebrities, their fans would jump at the first opportunity to have the books. What difference would mine be if I do write one? Nobody’s even heard my name as a writer or illustrator. Hehe.. maybe I just should write one first before even asking that question.

Silly me. Angan-angan jer banyak

Well, perhaps my blogger’s block is just because I have so many things to say and so many ideas to realize that I do not know what to write exactly or where to start. I just know that I have some goals to achieve and my mission is still possible when time and energy are here with me. But the clock is ticking.. tick tock.. tick tock. Is it 88 minutes already? Aaaaaargh!!


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