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Sweet Surrender…

“… your light

softly touches my skin

basking me with your tender warmth

wrapping me with your hot love

in a quiet burst of

sweet sweet surrender…”



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A Flower called Orchid..


"Lonely No More.." Watercolor on Paper. Size A3. 2010.

I painted a flower yesterday

and they call it an Orchid

but it has another name

that I have yet to find it..

All I know is that

an Orchid

is a flower of beauty and grace

it gives pleasure for those who cares

it inspires, refreshes and enlightens

a heart full of despairs..

I painted an orchid yesterday

while I could not touch it

it was touching me

while I was watching it

it was watching me

while I was painting it

it was painting me..

with a different scheme of colors

it seems.



P/S: Credit should be given to my lovely  friend, Liezza Anne whose photo has provided me this beautiful inspiration.


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