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The Alfa Man…

Just to update a recent commissioned painting… a portrait of a man with his brand new hot car.

Actually, this is going to be the birthday ‘gift’ to the man from his good friends. How thoughtful, huh?

So… how about if I let you take a peek to the painting’s process?

This painting is sized 20″ x 15″, done with Watercolor on Acid Free watercolor paper.

Well, I’m glad that’s out of my way now. I’m glad I could alter the background mess without much disaster. And to be honest, I love how the car turned out. It looks quite solid and bright. I hope my client will be happy with the result too :).



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Mister Jay in Black & White

A quick update on a recent commissioned black & white pencil portrait.

My client’s dad is now almost 70… Well, I thought I saw a film-star when I first saw his much younger photo :).

Happy Drawing, everyone!


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Parents’ Portraits and a Picasso’s..

Not my parents.. but my client’s :).

These portraits were commissioned by a very loving & thoughtful daughter for her parents’ birthdays which both fall in the month of March.

Owh, I also made an A4 sized birthday card for her mom- with the ladies’ portraits. Lovely.. I think :). For the card, I painted on a watercolor paper and later cut it into a heart shape and stick it on another art paper.. which I then wrote the birthday wish- freehand using ink and pencil color highlights.

Phew! I kind of glad that the background for each paintings turned out all right. The darkness and mix of colors have brought ‘out’ each portraits more. I used to be afraid to paint my backgrounds dark. I opted to play safe and stick to light and medium values of colors because I was scared to play with a strong.. abstract background. With more and more practice, I think I’m getting more confident playing with the abstract backgrounds and mixing colors directly onto the papers when the latter were still wet. It was fun.. yet full of  suspense too!

Watercolor has a ‘surprise’ element that is sometimes intimidating… especially when you use wet-on-wet technique.. because you don’t really know how it’ll turn out afterwards. Sometimes, too much mix will lead to muddy look.. and sometimes, it could ruin the painting too! However, the surprise could also be almost a miracle beauty when it’s dry altogether. No wonder it’s almost impossible to imitate or forge any watercolor paintings in the world..  well, you just can’t, can you? I mean, if I were to paint again these same pictures.. it’ll be totally impossible to get EXACTLY the same effects and colors.

However, oil paintings.. acrylics.. photographs/ digital arts.. and even sculptures could be forged! In some cases, you can’t even tell which ones are fakes! Of course, usually old masters’ works are the victims of forgeries. Why would you want to copy.. let say, my artworks? haha.. unless.. unless someday I become sooo famous!

If you want to know the world’s greatest and most famous art fakers, you could go to Well, these artists are forgers but still, they have really produced superb artworks nonetheless! I don’t think it’s easy to imitate great masterpieces! I think it’s very hard to follow exactly what other artists have painted.. yes, because you really have to study diligently the strokes, colors.. and everything to get exactly the same as the original. Not that I recommend anyone to be a forger (heh).. but hey, better be an original artist- be YOU 🙂!. It’s easier too.

Now, can you tell which one of these two below is Picasso’s original?


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Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor is quite a challenging medium. Most of the time, it has a mind or.. life of its own. Yes, it is a wild and tricky medium to master.. but practice will tame it.. eventually.

I for one… am yet a master of watercolor but my passion for this medium started so young. I think my dad introduced me to it when I was about 5 or 6 years of age because I recall there was a painting I made on mom going to the market. Of course it didn’t look like my mother at all but the splashes of colors did suggest she was at the ‘wet’ market. I wish the painting is still around.. but we moved a lot from place to place.. so, I guess it is lost or stored in a decaying box somewhere.

As far as I can remember, painting someone’s face came quite naturally. When I was small, every time I drew someone I knew, he or she would surely give me a smile.. laughter or at least, a pat on my shoulder.. that made my heart leaped with joy. Perhaps those kinds of acknowledgements lead me to believe that I could make the world a better place.. or something like that.. with just making a drawing. So, I kept on doing just that.

Maybe it’s just meant to be.. because I have the passion to study a face or a figure.. I’m always fascinated by how unique and special human beings are as created by Him. There’s always something beautiful about every faces that I’ve painted and seen.. and sometimes, a portrait tells a beautiful story too. I don’t know if others could see what I see.. but I do hope to paint what I felt about those things I see through my heart.

Like I said.. I’m still quite an infant with this medium.. there’s so much to learn, explore and practice. But yes, I always and will strive to do my best with each masterpieces I produce. Just the other day, my brother Ali said that I’m a.. “Perfectionist.” That was what he thought of me as an artist after observing my Art for so many years. Me.. a perfectionist?? No, no, no… that can’t be. If I’m a perfectionist, surely my paintings would be more realistic or close to photo or life..? But he said, that was not what he meant.. From his point of view, I have this tendency to paint something near-perfect.. and if I paint, I would strive to make it beautiful..and I can’t really tolerate ‘mistakes’ or ‘ugliness’.. Whoa!! ” Could that be one of the reasons why I still can’t figure out how to paint abstractions?”, I thought quietly.

I sat back thinking… And this is my brother who always grew 4 years behind me throughout my life.. but I never realized he was now perhaps so much ahead of me in this field.. and was silently watching me struggling to find my niche while he found his.

Oh well, I’m not going to deny 100% of what he said might be true.. I’m still alive and still have so much to learn and understand about Art and life as a whole. Watercolor portrait is just one of many branches of Art that I love doing.. yes, I believe in variation. Doing variety of things keep me happy and sane and away from boring. Is that what a perfectionist would do? I don’t know.. I guess, I’m just being ME and hope to keep improving through thick & thin. But I do know that.. being imperfect is perfect!

On that note, I’d like to share 2 recent commissioned watercolor portraits..



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And They Smile II..


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And They Smile..

It was  a last-minute call.. I only had a little over 24 hours to make it a reality..

But I took the challenge and sacrifice my beauty sleep for almost 2 nights.. putting everything else aside.. even my meals. I survived on instant oat for a fast filling meal.

Well, this is a life of an artist… at times. But I will paint.. for more oat meals.

Because of the stringent time, I couldn’t record my work-in-progress. But it’s OK. Most importantly, I managed to make it on time.

I heard they are all happy about it. The Tuns (Pak Lah & Jeanne- our previous Prime Minister and lovely wife) really appreciated it. The painting was a gift for Pak lah’s birthday.

And so… it was worth a challenge.

The night that I delivered the painting, I slept with a smile…. plus a terrible backache. Thank God my bee was there to give an excellent back massage. Ahh..


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