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The Coconut Man.

I planned to paint this old man for quite some time already. He served my family with fresh coconut drink when we went to his eating place at Teluk Ketapang, Kuala Terengganu.

A sketch is all I have now but I need to do something about it.

watercolor sketch of d' coconut man

My photos references are not enough to show what I want in the painting. I need some ‘interaction‘.. between the man and viewers. Well, let me go back to my drawing board for a while…need time to think…to make it more interesting.. to show not only a friendly coconut man..but a man who is proud of what he’s doing.

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Money Plant.. money..?

Plants are so important to you and me. I find it hard to understand when people cut the green trees down for a reason such as,”.. Annoying. Too many leaves fall on my car..” Sometimes, the trees are cut down to make ways for development. Arrgh!! It’s an eyesore when suddenly a lush area of greens became red and dusty with only dry grounds filling the air.

Ok. I’m not like an avid environmentalist or a gardener but of course I love the Trees, Plants, Nature and stuff. Now that I live in an apartment, there’s not so much space nor ground for me to plant anything.. but I make sure to have a couple of big pots of greens in the living room. And because I love the simple things in life (or just plain lazyhehe), I’ve made sure that the plants are easy to take care of.

There’s one plant in particular that I simply love and it’s called MONEY PLANT. Can you guess how it gets it’s name? Here’s what I’ve found out- It is called the money plant simply because it has round, plump, flat leaves that might, with a bit of imagination, look like a coin! This plant is usually kept as a dwarf in the house but can be grown in the garden too. But here’s another thing that I’ve found out- The belief is that while it thrives, one would never be short of money. It is also called a friendship plant, as it is easy to propagate. (

Cool, huh? Now I love my money plant even more. Actually, last week I picked a stem with just ONE leaf at my parents’ house and pot it in the apartment. This week, I have FOUR leaves already!!  The fact that I could take care this tiny beautiful creation of God healthily has really made my day :). It really doesn’t take much for me to feel happy. And so, I decided to make a watercolor portrait sketch for it.

So next, I was thinking why not this creature I so love became my muse in bigger painting? Perhaps, it could lead to some abstracts or semi-abstracts kind of artwork.. hmm.. (sketch-sketch-sketch!)

Yeah…I think I’ll work with this idea right now. Will update more later. Could I be planting ‘money’ in this magic pot too, perhaps..?


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A Quick Sketch..

Sheesh! For some reason, this picture doesn’t want to get upright. But, u get the picture, right? It’s actually a picture of a little girl on a little bicycle and there’s a bunch of rambutan on the ground not far from her. I took the photo of my niece when my family went back to Kijal, Terengganu late in 2008. The setting was in the evening, she was having fun riding the bike she found on the ground, oblivious of the fun we adults were having enjoying the rambutans ripe on the trees and on the ground- free of charge (because the trees belong to my grand uncle, Tok Su Ghani).

I didn’t know what was going to happen with this one. I had some problems figuring out what to do with the background. The photo’s background didn’t look very interesting. This was what I had so far.. maybe I should take a break doing something else for a while before coming up with a solution for this. Perhaps I just want to pick up some guts to fight my fear of making a mess…but then, art doesn’t have to be beautiful to get into one’s heart.

Hmm.. would you like to see the original pic?


As you can see, the lighting was quite plain.

Well, I’ll see what I could do.. just wish me luck.


Ok, I’m updating my post here and it’s dated 4/3/2010, just to insert my final touch up of the painting posted here.


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A New Day Has Come

Cool. Already in 2010, huh? How was the celebration last nite? As for me, err.. nothing much. I was doing a couple of watercolor sketches. It’s more like a pre-planned draft for bigger painting.. you know, to study the composition and stuff.

I went to Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills recently, courtesy of my hubby for our anniversary. As usual, apart from enjoying the beautiful French-themed resort, I stood at a corner observing people passing by. Of course, with camera ready in-hand, I was on the prowl. Heheh..

I’ve got a funny victim who has an itchy butt and that didn’t stop her from heading to have fun at a game- stall on the resort’s yard.

My Itchy Butt. 31-12-2009

And then, an old man who seemed so engrossed with his newspaper and suddenly realized how hot it was that afternoon… but he kept on reading. Maybe he has nothing better to do (haha- ok, i think that applied more to me). Perhaps, the fountain behind him kept him cool.

News at Noon. 1-1-2010


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